Composition and Properties of Sweeteners from Starch

There are different properties of starch-derived sweeteners, such as carbohydrate profiles, solids, viscosity, color, fermentability, foam stabilization, gel strength, freezing point depression, boiling point elevation, gelatinization temperature, humectancy, hygroscopicity, crystallization, and sweetness. These properties affect by the degree of conversion, enzyme treatment, solids level, types of sugars, and other factors. Carbohydrate Profiles The physical properties […]

Production Methods of Sweeteners from Starch

The pathways for production of the various sweeteners share many common steps. Maltodextrins Maltodextrins are a type of saccharide polymer made up of D-glucosyl units linked primarily with alpha-1,4 bonds and have a DE less than 20. They are considered non-sweet and nutritive. The GRAS affirmation in 21 CFR, Section 184.1444 has been modified to […]

Sweeteners from Starch: History, Definitions, Regulatory Status

History Sugar production in the Indus Valley was reported during Alexander the Great’s invasion around 325 BCE, but Europeans did not have access to cane sugar until the Crusades. Once Europeans developed a taste for sugar, demand for it grew rapidly. The Caribbean islands became major producers of cane sugar in the sixteenth century, but […]

Sweetener: Types, Applications, and Risks

Sweeteners are substances used to add sweetness to foods and beverages. They are generally used as a sugar substitute to reduce or eliminate the amount of sugar in a product while still providing the desired sweetness. Sweeteners can be natural or artificial and are available in various forms, including granular, liquid, and powdered. Natural sweeteners […]

The future of starch sweeteners

Value added contributions hopefully do not stop with the achievements. The obvious attributes of sweeteners from starch using enzyme techniques offer a complex range of options. Refined starch sweeteners have proved so important to the food industry that for example since 1985 the Americans have used more corn products than sucrose for their nutritive sweetener […]

Revolutionizing Starch Enzymology: Unraveling the Intricacies of Cyclodextrins and Sweeteners

The ever-evolving landscape of enzymic modification in starch processing has ushered in a new era of technological breakthroughs, with a particular focus on the production of cyclodextrins. These intriguing cyclic molecules, comprised of 6-8 glucose units connected by a-1,4-bonds, possess a unique ability to encapsulate other compounds within their cavities. This remarkable trait allows them […]