Xuất khẩu sắn Thái Lan gặp khó khi Trung Quốc vận hành nhà máy ethanol bằng than

Xuất khẩu sắn Thái Lan gặp khó khi Trung Quốc vận hành nhà máy ethanol bằng than

Hiệp hội sắn Thái Lan họp ngày 16/7/2024 do ông Chumphol Kajohnchalearmsak chủ trì, để bàn về ứng phó sụt giảm xuất khẩu , khi Trung Quốc thay thế sắn bằng ngô biến đổi gen, và đi vào vận hành nhà máy sản xuất ethanol từ than tại thành phố Yuli, tỉnh Thiểm Tây. Các […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Briquettes

A Comprehensive Guide to Briquettes

Briquettes, eco-friendly fuel blocks made from organic waste, reduce emissions, promote sustainability, and support global renewable energy goals, offering a cleaner energy source. What are briquettes Briquettes are compact blocks or logs of fuel that are typically made by compressing biomass materials, such as agricultural residues, wood chips, sawdust, or charcoal dust. These blocks are […]

Shaping the Future of Bioethanol: Challenges and Opportunities

The landscape of global energy is undergoing a transformative shift, and the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) anticipates that renewable fuels may constitute 8.5% of the world’s energy consumption by 2030. One promising contender in this evolving energy scenario is bioethanol, with projections suggesting that it could replace up to 20% of gasoline usage […]

Advancing Sustainability in Bioethanol Production: A Comprehensive Review

The global surge in energy demand, driven by rapid industrialization in developing countries like India, China, and Vietnam, has elevated the need for sustainable alternatives. Currently, over 80% of the world’s 13TW energy consumption relies on fossil fuels, contributing significantly to the rise in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, particularly carbon dioxide, and consequent climate change. […]

Ensuring the Quality of Bioethanol: Standards and Specifications

In the United States, the American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) plays a crucial role in approving analytical specifications that define the performance quality of bioethanol as a transportation fuel. While the bioethanol industry doesn’t face the same level of regulation as sectors like food or pharmaceuticals, maintaining high standards is paramount. Quality […]

Unlocking Potential: The Biorefinery Revolution

Coined by Charles Abbas from ADM in the US and akin to the familiar petro-refinery, a biorefinery stands as a transformative facility with the capacity to yield a plethora of products from biomass. At its core, a biorefinery can be defined as follows: “A biorefinery processes renewable agricultural feedstocks to higher value-added products for use […]

Optimizing Ethanol for Fuel Efficiency: Dehydration Techniques and Industrial Applications

In the pursuit of enhancing the performance of ethanol-blended petrol (gasoline), mitigating the adverse effects of water contamination becomes a critical consideration. While ethanol seamlessly integrates with petrol, even minute water content can trigger phase separation, absorbing water and jeopardizing vehicle efficiency, potentially leading to engine damage. To address this challenge, the process of dehydrating […]

Advancing Bioethanol Production: Innovations in Distillation Systems

In the realm of bioethanol production, the design and optimization of distillation systems play a pivotal role, offering a spectrum of options that cater to diverse fermentation feedstocks. Madson’s comprehensive exploration in 2009 delves into the intricacies of these systems, highlighting tried-and-tested methods for distilling ethanol from sources like cereals, sugar cane juice, molasses, and […]

Mastering Ethanol Recovery: Unveiling the Power of Distillation

In the domain of ethanol recovery from fermented media, distillation emerges as the paramount and highly effective method. Distillation, a key player in alcohol recovery, operates on the principle of separating chemical mixtures based on differences in volatility, specifically the ratio of partial pressure to mole fraction in the liquid. Delving into the intricate world […]

Breaking Barriers in Cellulose-to-Glucose Conversion: Challenges and Innovations

The theoretical journey from cellulose to glucose, a crucial step in ethanol production, is a nuanced process influenced by various factors. The envisioned ethanol yields from different lignocellulosic sources, as researched by Sassner and team in 2008, present promising possibilities yet are hampered by practical inefficiencies. Theoretical ethanol yields, measured in liters per dry metric […]