Starch Thermal Processing: Technologies at Laboratory and Semi-Industrial Scales

Due to environmental concerns and the limited availability of oil, there has been an increasing interest in using starch as a substitute for petroleum-based plastics. Starch is advantageous due to its low cost, availability, and compostability. However, the complex multiscale structure of raw starch granules makes it difficult to produce starch-based materials, and thermal processing […]

The Future Development of Plasticized Starch-based Materials

Solution casting is a practical method for producing films at a laboratory scale and incorporating various additives into starch for food packaging. However, for industrial production, efficient and low-energy-consuming conventional polymer processing techniques like extrusion with slight modifications may be more beneficial for processing melted starch. The transformation of native starch granules to a uniform […]

Challenges in Injection Molding of Plasticized Starch-Based Materials

Injection molding is a widely used process for the production of plastic parts, and it has also been explored for plasticized starch-based materials. However, the high viscosity and poor flow properties of these materials make injection molding a challenging process. Researchers have studied the behavior and processing parameters of starch injection to overcome these challenges. […]

Compression Molding for Starch-based Materials: Processes, Strategies, and Recent Advances

Compression molding is a method that can be utilized for processing plasticized starch-based materials into foams and containers, such as end caps, edges, or corner cushions, which are difficult to produce using extrusion foaming technology. Recent research has shown that microwave can also be used for producing starch-based foams. The selection of adequate mold material, […]

Mastering Extrusion Technology: Unraveling the Complexities and Innovations

Extrusion, a versatile manufacturing process, stands as a cornerstone across diverse industries, influencing the creation of products with precision and consistency. This article delves into the intricacies of extrusion technology, dissecting its components, exploring processing strategies, and highlighting innovations that shape specific applications. The Essence of Extrusion At its core, extrusion involves the forceful passage […]

How to Produce Starch-Based Films Using Solution Casting

Starch-based films have gained popularity due to their biodegradability, renewability, and wide range of applications. One of the most common methods of producing these films is through solution casting. In this article, we will explore the process of solution casting in detail, including its advantages, limitations, and applications. The Solution Casting Process Solution casting is […]

Rheology of Plasticized Starch Melts

The steady shear viscosity is the primary rheological property measured for plasticized starch melts. An increase in temperature or plasticizer content results in a lower viscosity of plasticized starch melts. The elastic component of plasticized starch melts can be characterized by analyzing the entrance and exit pressures data in a die viscometer to measure the […]

From Native Starch to Plasticized Starch

Native starch can be transformed into a processable material through gelatinization, which involves heating starch in water to create a disordered state. The process can be characterized using various techniques, including differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), which is commonly used due to its convenience and accuracy. Shear treatment during processing can physically tear apart starch granules […]

The Structure and Composition of Starch Granules in Green Plants

Starch is a vital storage molecule for energy and carbon in green plants, stored in starch granules which can be found in seeds, roots, and tubers. These granules can take on various shapes, such as spherical, lenticular, or polygonal, depending on the plant species. The structure of starch granules varies depending on the botanical source, […]

Thermoplastic Starch: A Sustainable Alternative to Petroleum-Based Plastics

Due to the increasing concerns about environmental degradation and the limited availability of oil, there has been a significant push to find substitutes for petroleum-based plastics. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in using starch resources in non-food applications. Starch is advantageous because of its low cost, wide availability, and total compostability […]