Exploring the Potential of Cassava in South Africa: A Path to Agricultural Development

Cassava, a valuable crop for both subsistence and commercial purposes, remains largely untapped in South Africa. Despite its significance in many African countries, cassava cultivation in South Africa is limited to small-scale farms and fragmented areas, operating under low-input farming systems. However, cassava farming is gaining traction due to its diverse range of products and […]

Unlocking the Potential of Cassava in South Africa: A Pathway to Economic Growth

Cassava, a versatile root tuber also known as tapioca, mandioca, yuca, or umdumbulu, has a rich history in South America and Africa. This drought-tolerant crop thrives in poor soil conditions and requires minimal fertilizer, making it an attractive option for farmers. With its transformation from a subsistence crop to a valuable industrial commodity, cassava is […]

South Africa’s Cassava Project: A Promising Venture for Large-Scale Production

The African Centre for Crop Improvement (ACCI) is set to play a crucial role in kick-starting large-scale cassava production in South Africa, aiming to harness the immense potential of this root crop. While cassava is not widely cultivated or consumed in the country, it holds significant importance as Africa’s primary root crop, particularly during the […]

South Africa’s Tapioca Starch Trade: Export and Import Dynamics

South Africa’s involvement in the global tapioca starch trade showcases its growing significance as both an exporter and importer. With notable export performance and a reliance on imports to meet domestic demand, the country highlights its potential for growth in the tapioca starch industry. Exports South Africa’s involvement in the tapioca starch trade demonstrated notable […]