Madagascar Aims to Double Cassava Harvest to 7 Million Tons by 2027

Antananarivo, Madagascar – The Madagascan authorities have set an ambitious target to increase cassava production to 7 million tons by 2027, more than double the output achieved in 2022, according to Agence Ecofin. To achieve this objective, the government plans to enhance yield per hectare to nearly 14 tons through the promotion of appropriate farming […]

Madagascar’s Flourishing Tapioca Starch Imports: A Closer Look at the Numbers

In 2021, Madagascar experienced a significant surge in its import of tapioca starch, solidifying its position as the 68th largest global importer of this versatile product. The total value of tapioca starch imports reached an impressive $333k. However, when considering the overall import landscape in Madagascar during the same year, tapioca starch ranked as the […]