Boosting Cassava Farming in Bangladesh: A Recipe for Success

Habiganj, Bangladesh – Cassava, a valuable cash crop with vast potential, is transforming the agricultural landscape of Bangladesh, thanks to a partnership between the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and PRAN-RFL, a leading food company. This collaboration has not only expanded contract farming but also positioned cassava as an attractive crop, propelling the growth of the […]

Cassava Cultivation Thrives in Hilly Regions, Boosting Economy and Nutrition

Cassava, known as shimul alu in Bangladesh, is gaining popularity as a root vegetable globally due to its rich nutritional content, including healthy carbohydrates and vitamin C. Additionally, it serves as a source of resistant starch, essential for various food processing and garment industries. Recognizing its potential, farmers in Sylhet are now embracing commercial cassava […]

Bangladesh’s Tapioca Starch Imports: Market Growth and Leading Suppliers

Bangladesh’s significant import volumes and market position in tapioca starch reflect its growing role in the global trade of this versatile product. With Thailand and Vietnam emerging as key suppliers, Bangladesh demonstrates its reliance on these countries to meet its tapioca starch demand. Imports In 2021, Bangladesh emerged as a significant player in the tapioca […]