Shine Bridge Global: Revolutionizing the Cassava Industry and Expanding to Global Markets

Shine Bridge Global, a US-based food science and agribusiness company founded in 2018 by Dr. Tony Bello, a native of Nigeria, is making waves in the cassava market. The company specializes in producing food products made from cassava sourced in Nigeria, with a vision to capture a significant share of the global market.

Cassava, a versatile root crop widely cultivated in Africa, can be processed into various products such as cassava flour, starch, ethanol, and glucose syrup. Recognizing the immense potential of cassava-derived items, Bello aims to develop innovative products to tap into the expanding global cassava starch market, projected to reach $6.5 billion by 2028.

Dr. Tony Bello, who holds a Ph.D. in food science, has a deep understanding of the industry. His previous experience as a food scientist for renowned companies like Frito-Lay and Kellogg, as well as his role as CEO of Heritage Agro-Allied Foods Incorporated (H2A Foods), equipped him with valuable expertise. At H2A Foods, Bello worked towards empowering cassava smallholder farmers in Nigeria’s Edo State by creating opportunities in the value chain.

The establishment of Shine Bridge Global in 2018 was a natural progression in Bello’s mission to enhance the cassava industry. The company initially focused on converting high-quality cassava flour into instant tapioca flakes, which have similar applications to potato flakes. To develop this product, initial testing was conducted in the Netherlands using cassava flour imported from Nigeria. Now, with product development completed, production will be shifted to a facility in New York, while cassava flour will continue to be sourced from Nigeria. The branded tapioca flakes will be sold to companies specializing in consumer packaged foods.

Beyond tapioca flakes, Shine Bridge Global is actively developing other cassava-based food products such as crackers, pizza crusts, ready-mix fufu, fried snacks, and flatbreads. Leveraging its tapioca flakes, the company aims to introduce these products to test markets in the US, UK, and Nigeria within the next six months. Subsequently, they plan to gradually scale up production, targeting consumer packaged goods companies and marketers.

To ensure a consistent supply of fresh cassava roots, Shine Bridge Global has established partnerships with several cassava producers in Nigeria, primarily in Oyo, Ekiti, Edo, and Enugu states. These partnerships include collaborations with H2A Foods, 365 Farms, Ocriv, and cassava flour processors like Aspuna, Niji Group, and the Elephant Group.

While Shine Bridge Global’s current focus is on Nigeria, Bello envisions expanding its value chain development efforts across Africa. Countries such as Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, and Rwanda present potential markets for cassava-based products. The company is open to partnering with existing businesses in these regions to foster growth and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

By capturing a share of the multi-billion-dollar potato-derived products market, Shine Bridge Global aims to revolutionize the cassava industry while empowering farmers in Nigeria and across Africa. With its innovative approach and strategic expansion plans, the company is poised for success on both local and global scales.