Glucose syrup in bakery products

Cakes and biscuits

Tests have shown that the partial replacement of sugar by glucose syrup yields several advantages in baked goods. The keeping quality is improved and there is a slight increase in cake volume. The use of high DE glucose syrup is particularly advantageous in high ratio formulations where the high level of sugar frequently produces an oversweet product. Significant cost savings will also result from the use of high DE glucose syrup. Recommended levels of use are as follows (percentages represent sugar replacement):

  • Madeira slab cake 10%
  • High ratio slab cake 10%
  • Sponge sandwich cake 10%
  • Swiss roll 25%

Yeast-raised products

In the past, yeast-raised goods have been made primarily with sucrose or dextrose as the sugar components. The recent development of high fermentable glucose syrups of the 63 DE type has made possible the introduction of syrups into the field of yeast-raised goods. The syrups used here are designed to contain the highest possible percentage of mono- and disaccharides. These supply fermentable carbohydrates for the yeast, add to the flavor of the finished product through the residual sweetness and also contribute to color development in the crust. Regular and lower conversion syrups are not satisfactory.

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