Dextrose application in sugar confectionery

Toffees, caramel, and fudge

In this type of product, the use of dextrose will yield a color-forming effect, coupled with an increase in flavor. A side effect of using dextrose in compound formulations is that the viscosity of the cooked toffee in the dipping pots is stabilized, thereby reducing waste caused by the material becoming too heavy to work. An upper limit of 10%, based on the weight of sucrose should be used.

Powdered sherbet centers and lemonade powder

Lemonade powders and powdered center fillings for hard boilings may be formulated with dextrose as the sole sweetener. Because dextrose dissolves instantly it gives the impression of a liquid center and has a pleasantly cooling effect on the tongue. Sucrose may be introduced if an increase in sweetness is desired. It is also possible to produce a powdered filling, based on dextrose, with reduced levels of acid and flavor.

Chewing gum and bubble gum

In sugar coated chewing gum and bubble gum, up to 10% of the icing sugar normally used can be replaced by dextrose monohydrate.


Unlike sucrose, dextrose may be used for direct compression of tablets merely by the addition of lubricant (1 % magnesium stearate) but without recourse to granulation or another pretreatment. The resulting tablet has cool eating properties and good texture.

If desired, dextrose may be used with sugar at any level of combination. In this case, dextrose is blended with the standard granulated mix.

Dextrose fondant

Dextrose fondant is a novel concept in which the product is formulated to contain not more than 20% sucrose. The resulting fondant has an ultrasmooth texture and a pronounced mouth-cooling effect upon eating. In spite of containing about 7% less solids than traditional fondant, the dextrose-based product is completely stable microbiologically. Dextrose fondant has adequate soluble solids in the syrup phase, but yields the desired texture with a much lower crystal phase than is found in normal fondant. Apart from cost saving on ingredients, dextrose fondants can be prepared without boiling and without specialized fondant machines.

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