Bodying agent – Glucose Syrups properties

Traditionally sucrose was used to provide both sweetness and mouthfeel (body) in soft drinks. More recently, glucose syrups have been used to complement the sugar to meet the consumer demand for reduced sweetness in these products although in some cases high fructose glucose syrups have been used to completely replace the sucrose. In this instance cost is the major consideration. Bodying effect or mouthfeel is related to the molecular weight and hence DE of a glucose syrup with predictably greatest effect, but least sweetness, with the lower DE products. With the trends towards diet or reduced sugar drinks there would appear to be great potential for drinks made using a combination of low DE glucose syrup, to provide body, and intense sweetener, to provide sweetness. In canned fruit the bodying effect of the covering syrup is provided by glucose syrup and in biscuits the same material provides bite and chewiness.

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