Sizing Agent: Types, Use, and Starch-based

Sizing agent is a substance that is used in the papermaking process to increase the water-resistance of the paper’s surface. The primary function of a sizing agent is to prevent ink or other liquids from penetrating the paper fibers and causing smudging, blurring, or other undesirable effects. Sizing agents can be added to the paper […]

Phosphating Agents: What You Need to Know

Phosphating agents are chemical compounds that contain phosphorus and are used in a variety of industrial applications, including the modification of starch. These agents are used to create phosphate esters, which can modify the properties of starch and other materials. One of the most common phosphating agents used in the modification of starch is ortho-phosphoric […]

Oxidizing agent

An oxidizing agent is a substance that causes oxidation in another substance by accepting electrons from it. In other words, an oxidizing agent is a substance that is reduced in a chemical reaction. Oxidizing agents are used in many industrial and laboratory processes, as well as in a variety of applications. One of the most […]

Harnessing the Power of Phosphorus: Cross-Linking in Starch Modification

In the realm of starch modification, the integration of phosphorus-containing compounds as cross-linking agents stands as a pivotal technique, revolutionizing the physical properties of starch and expanding its versatility. Key players in this transformative process include ortho-phosphoric acid, sodium or potassium ortho-phosphate, and sodium tripolyphosphate. The Cross-Linking Mechanism At the heart of this innovation lies […]

Cross-linking Agents |Epichlorohydrin, Bifunctional Isocyanates, and Divinyl Sulfone.

Cross-linking agents are chemical compounds that are used to chemically bond two or more polymer chains together. This creates a three-dimensional network of interconnected polymer chains, resulting in a cross-linked polymer. Cross-linking agents can be used to modify the properties of polymers, such as increasing their thermal stability, improving their mechanical properties, and reducing their […]

Polyfunctional agents

Polyfunctional agents are chemical compounds or substances that have multiple functional groups or active sites. These active sites can react with different substances, making polyfunctional agents versatile and useful in various industrial and scientific applications, such as polymer synthesis, crosslinking, and modification of surfaces. In some cases, polyfunctional agents can be used as catalysts, initiators, […]

Binding Agents (Binder): Types, Properties, and Applications

A binder or binding agent is a material or substance that holds or draws other materials together to form a cohesive whole through mechanical, chemical, adhesion, or cohesion means. In a more narrow sense, binders are liquid or dough-like substances that harden through a chemical or physical process and bind fibers, filler powder, and other […]

Clouding agents

Clouding agents or cloudifiers are food additives used to create a cloudy appearance in beverages like fruit juices to enhance their visual appeal and make them look more natural. They work by creating an emulsion of oil droplets and can be made from a variety of ingredients including palm oil, Arabic gum, citrus fruit extracts, […]