Venezuela’s Tapioca Starch Trade: Exports, Imports, and Tariff Landscape

Venezuela plays a modest role in the global trade of tapioca starch, both as an exporter and importer of this versatile product.

Export Market Overview

In 2021, Venezuela exported $6.25k worth of tapioca starch, positioning itself as the 76th largest exporter globally. However, within Venezuela itself, tapioca starch ranked as the 646th most exported product.

Venezuela’s primary destination for tapioca starch exports is Senegal, accounting for the entire $6.25k worth of exports in 2021. Senegal represents Venezuela’s core customer base for tapioca starch, indicating a specific market demand in that region.

Between the available years, Venezuela witnessed growth in tapioca starch exports to Senegal, with an increase of $6.25k. This signifies the country’s expanding presence and market potential in Senegal’s tapioca starch market.

Import Market Overview

In 2021, Venezuela imported $532k worth of tapioca starch, positioning itself as the 60th largest importer of this product globally. Within Venezuela, tapioca starch ranked as the 1017th most imported item.

Venezuela primarily sources tapioca starch from Brazil, accounting for $365k worth of imports. Colombia follows with $164k, and Paraguay with $2.62k. These countries serve as Venezuela’s main suppliers to meet domestic tapioca starch demands.

Between 2020 and 2021, Venezuela experienced significant growth in tapioca starch imports from Colombia, witnessing an increase of $88.4k during this period. This indicates Venezuela’s increasing reliance on Colombian imports to fulfill its tapioca starch requirements.

Tariff Landscape

In 2018, Venezuela imposed an average tariff of 19.2% on tapioca starch imports. Among the countries with the highest import tariffs for this product were Angola, Burundi, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Botswana, each applying a 20% Most Favoured Nation duty rate treatment. These tariffs influence the trade dynamics and impact the cost of imported tapioca starch in Venezuela.

Data from BACI