Uruguay’s Tapioca Starch Trade: Exports and Imports

Uruguay actively participates in the global trade of tapioca starch, both as an exporter and importer of this versatile product.

Uruguay’s Tapioca Starch Exports

In 2021, Uruguay exported $14.7k worth of tapioca starch, positioning itself as the 61st largest exporter globally. However, within Uruguay itself, tapioca starch ranked as the 1247th most exported product.

Uruguay’s main destination for tapioca starch exports is Panama, accounting for the entire $14.7k worth of exports in 2021. Panama represents Uruguay’s core customer base for tapioca starch, indicating a specific market demand.

Uruguay’s Tapioca Starch Imports

In 2021, Uruguay imported $735k worth of tapioca starch, positioning itself as the 53rd largest importer of this product globally. Within Uruguay, tapioca starch ranked as the 1450th most imported item.

Uruguay primarily sources tapioca starch from Paraguay, accounting for $557k worth of imports. Brazil follows with $178k, and Chinese Taipei with $143. These countries serve as Uruguay’s main suppliers to meet domestic tapioca starch demands.

Between 2020 and 2021, Uruguay witnessed significant growth in tapioca starch imports from Brazil, with an increase of $119k during this period. This signifies Uruguay’s increasing reliance on Brazilian imports to fulfill its tapioca starch requirements.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaChinese Taipei143
South AmericaBrazil177,863
South AmericaParaguay556,965
Table: Where Does Uruguay Import Its Tapioca Starch (2021)

Data from BACI