Ukraine’s Tapioca Starch Imports: Trends and Tariffs

Ukraine’s import of tapioca starch highlights its active participation in the global market. By importing from various countries, particularly Germany, Thailand, and Vietnam, Ukraine ensures a diversified supply chain for this commodity.

Tapioca Starch Imports in Ukraine

In 2021, Ukraine imported a total of $78.3k worth of tapioca starch, solidifying its position as a significant participant in the global tapioca starch market. Among Ukraine’s vast range of imported products, tapioca starch held a relatively moderate rank.

The primary countries from which Ukraine sourced tapioca starch imports were Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, Poland, and Austria. Notably, Germany played a pivotal role, contributing imports valued at $44.9k. Thailand, Vietnam, Poland, and Austria also made substantial contributions with respective import values of $17.6k, $13.2k, $991, and $514.

Ukraine experienced notable growth in its import markets for tapioca starch between 2020 and 2021, particularly in Vietnam, which witnessed an increase of $11.1k. Germany and Paraguay also displayed positive growth during this period, with respective increases of $4.46k and $493.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
South AmericaBrazil297
South AmericaParaguay493
Table: Where Does Ukraine Import Its Tapioca Starch (2021)

Tapioca Starch Tariffs in Ukraine

As of 2018, the average tariff for tapioca starch imports in Ukraine stood at 18.9%. It is important to note that several countries implemented higher import tariffs on tapioca starch. Angola, Burundi, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Botswana imposed a non-Most Favored Nation (MFN) rate of 20%.

Importing Tapioca Starch from Vietnam

Vietnam has become a prominent supplier of tapioca starch to the Ukrainian market. In 2021, the total value of tapioca starch imports from Vietnam reached an impressive $13,207, indicating Vietnam’s strong position and its potential to maintain its presence in Ukraine. The sustained importation is primarily due to the superior quality and competitive pricing of Vietnam’s tapioca starch.

Ukraine benefits from Vietnam’s tapioca starch exports, which provide a dependable and consistent supply of this vital ingredient. The substantial import value reflects Ukraine’s confidence in Vietnam as a trusted and preferred partner for meeting its tapioca starch requirements. Vietnam’s tapioca starch consistently meets Ukraine’s demand due to its reliable quality and competitive pricing, making it a reliable source for this essential product.

Source: BACI and General Statistics Office of Vietnam