Senegal’s Tapioca Starch Trade: A Growing Exporter and Importer

Senegal’s involvement in the tapioca starch trade showcases both export success and a robust demand for imports. The country’s export performance, with Belgium and France as key destinations, demonstrates its potential for growth and market expansion. Simultaneously, Senegal’s reliance on imports from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Brazil, and India underscores the importance of these countries in […]

Algeria’s Flourishing Import of Tapioca Starch: A Deep Dive into the Numbers

Algeria has witnessed a remarkable increase in the import of tapioca starch, positioning itself as the 44th largest global importer of this versatile product in 2021. The total value of tapioca starch imports reached an impressive $1.02M. However, in the broader context of Algeria’s import landscape, tapioca starch ranked as the 1769th most imported product […]

Angola’s Emerging Market for Tapioca Starch: A Closer Look at Imports and Growth Markets

Angola, a country in southern Africa, is gradually making its mark in the tapioca starch market as an emerging importer. Angola’s Tapioca Starch Imports In 2021, Angola imported a total of $5.68k worth of tapioca starch, positioning the country as the 121st largest importer of tapioca starch worldwide. Tapioca starch itself held the 3558th position […]

Vietnam Tapioca Starch: A Look at Exports, Imports, and Growth Markets

Vietnam has emerged as a global powerhouse in the tapioca starch market, exhibiting impressive export figures and securing a prominent position as a major exporter. Vietnam’s Tapioca Starch Exports In 2021, Vietnam’s tapioca starch exports amounted to a staggering $945 million, establishing the country as the second-largest exporter of tapioca starch globally. Among Vietnam’s export […]