Classification of Nano-sized Starch

Nano-sized starch can be roughly divided into two categories based on its preparation methods and properties: SNs and SNCs. Strictly speaking, SNCs are a particular type of SNs. In this chapter, we emphasize the distinction between them in order to better understand nano-sized starch. Over the last decade, SNCs have attracted growing interest due not […]

Nano-sized Starch as a Versatile Building Block in Modern Applications

Nano-sized starch, a marvel in the realm of organic starch nanoparticles (SNs), emerges as a powerhouse with dimensions ranging from 50 to 200 nm. Crafted through meticulous processes, these SNs, derived from starch, showcase a remarkable fusion of economic significance and functional prowess. Delving into their unique attributes, we unravel the narrative of SNs’ renewability, […]