Analyzing the starch molecular structure

Research on starch has lasted for two centuries, and it is amazing to find that a final consensus about its molecular structure has not been achieved yet. The same is true with regard to the structure of the starch granules. Characterizing structures of starch components Starch is a type of carbohydrate made of two main […]

Amylose Content of Starch

Amylose was probably the first biopolymer for which a helical structure was proposed (Hanes, 1937). The well-known deep-blue complex formed with iodine was later proved to involve amylose in a helical conformation (Rundle and French, 1943), details of which have been a matter of dispute until the present time (Nimz et al., 2003; Calabrese and […]

Fractionation of Starch

To analyze the structure of starch, it’s necessary to separate its components amylose, amylopectin, and sometimes intermediate material (IM). To do this, the fatty material is removed by Soxhlet extraction in 85% methanol. The starch granules are then dissolved using 90% DMSO, 6-10 M urea solution, or 0.5 M KOH/NaOH. High pH and heat should […]