Unveiling the Dynamics of Starch: From Gelatinization to Retrogradation

Starch and Water Dance: The Gelatinization Prelude Chilling Interaction at 0-4°C: Dry starch granules, when submerged in water at 0-4°C, exhibit a captivating absorption dance, soaking up moisture and swelling to an impressive 30% of their weight. Native starch granules, when introduced to water at low temperatures, undergo a reversible volume increase of around 5%. […]

Unveiling the Versatility of Starch: From Plant Reservoirs to Essential Food Manufacturing

Starch, a paramount storage product in plants, stands as a cornerstone in human nutrition as one of the most vital carbohydrate sources. Beyond its nutritional significance, starches wield a profound influence on the textural properties of food products, making them indispensable in various food manufacturing processes. Diverse Applications of Starch in Food Manufacturing The versatility […]