Comprehensive Analysis Techniques for Functional Starch Characterization

Electron Microscopy Electron microscopy utilizes electrons instead of light to meticulously examine the structural characteristics of functional starch granules. Techniques such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and atomic force microscopy (AFM) offer unique insights into the microstructural changes in starch granules after various treatments. SEM provides quasi-three-dimensional surface topography, while TEM […]

Innovative Applications of Modified Starch: A Paradigm Shift in Food Science

The quest for healthier dietary practices has sparked a revolution in the field of food science, leading to the exploration of novel ingredients and technologies. Among these, modified starch emerges as a versatile player, showcasing its prowess in areas such as fat replacement, ingredient encapsulation, and the development of edible films and coatings. This article […]

Preparation of Functional Starch

Food processing industries and consumers require starches to have better behavior characteristics than that provided by native starches. Fortunately, shortcomings of native starches can be overcome by chemical, physical, or enzymatical modification. Chemical Modification Chemical modification is a widely used method that involves the polymer molecules of the starch granule in its native form and […]

Varieties of functional starches in the food industry

Modified starches have been the subject of intensive research over many decades, resulting in many published studies on functional starch with newly developed functionalities. Preparing functional starch is an ongoing process as there are numerous possibilities resulting from an evolution of new processing technologies and market trends. Slowly digestible starch, resistant starch, porous starch, starch […]

Introduction to Functional Starch

Starch, the predominant reserve carbohydrate, is omnipresent in various plant organs, including tubers, roots, leaves, fruits, and seeds. Its significance extends to staple food sources such as rice, wheat, maize, potatoes, and cassava, serving as a vital energy reservoir in the human diet. Unraveling the Structural Complexity of Starch Naturally occurring starch granules comprise two […]