Using the Functional Properties of Starch to Enhance Emulsification and Encapsulation-Beverages Products

Emulsifying starches allow food scientists to use starch as an ingredient to create a noncontinuous phase with a matrix of water, lipid, and starch. They are different from traditional modified starches (like octenyl succinate) which are primarily used as water binders or stabilizers. To maintain water-phase stability in the product, an additional starch or gum […]

Using the Functional Properties of Starch in Fat Replacement, Substitution, or Mimetics

In the 1980s, the inclusion of “bran” or “fiber” in foods was a key topic. In the 1990s, the reformulation of foods to reduce the content of fat became a strong market driver. Along with that came the need for specific ingredients to replace the fat (lipid) in several food systems. Substitution or the mimicking […]

Decoding Starch in Dairy: A Closer Look at Ingredients and Applications

Dairy Foods vs. Dairy-Related Products In the realm of dairy, understanding the distinction between “dairy foods” and “dairy-related products” is crucial. The former comprises foods with a substantial (>50%) dairy ingredient content or those meeting specific criteria, while the latter, though found in the dairy section, doesn’t align with standard identity criteria. Starch’s Role in […]

Using the Functional Properties of Starch to Enhance Confections (Candy) Products

When considering confections (candy) as the products category, the food scientist should review the different confections being marketed today. Confections are generally listed in one of three categories: Soft candies are those products similar to chocolate-based or flavor-coated products (i.e., circus peanuts) that may or may not be chewable. Gummy (chewable) type candies are gum […]

Using the Functional Properties of Starch to Enhance Cereals, Pasta, Bars, and Related Products

Cereals today are predominately whole grains, with or without added starches, sweeteners, and other nutritional additives. Many cereals depend on the expansion capability of the flour(s) to develop and maintain the texture and eating quality for the finished product being produced. Referring back to the sections pertaining to “extrusion” and “instant starches,” we can relate […]

The Crucial Role of Starch in Enhancing Meat Products: A Regulatory Perspective

Starch, a versatile ingredient, has earned global approval for its use in various meat and analog products. Both standardized and nonstandard meat products now benefit from the application of starch and related products, providing improvements in storage, processing, and overall quality. In the United States, the utilization of starch (native or modified) in meat products […]

Using the Functional Properties of Starch to Enhance Pet Products

Do not be blinded by the word “pet” when deciding product choices. Pet foods undergo as many regulatory issues and processing parameters as do food products for human consumption. There are a few ingredients utilized within pet foods that we do not use in human food products. The care of formulation and product safety, as […]

Using the Functional Properties of Starch to Enhance Bakery Products

In this article, we will discuss bakery systems typical for baked food products recognized by the consumer today. Those previously mentioned as “half-products” were unique to that discussion and will not be included in this section. Products will be considered totally processed utilizing a bakery operation. In most bakery products the primary starch source is […]

Navigating Starch Selection: A Culinary Odyssey in Dressings, Sauces, and Gravies

Embarking on the creation of culinary masterpieces such as dressings, sauces, and gravies requires more than just a flair for flavor; it demands a profound understanding of starches and their dynamic role in the world of high-water-content products. As we delve into the intricate dance between starches and these delectable concoctions, the artistry of food […]

Using The Functional Properties of Starch to Enhance Snack Foods

Both native and chemically modified starches are and have been commonly utilized in snack products. Their use has been for expansion, adhesion, texture, and color generation. In recent years, physically modified flours have been introduced into this snack industry. They offer some properties of chemically modified; however, they are label-friendly (flour). Puffed (Extruded-Baked) Common maize, […]