Extruders for Starch Processing: Pin Extruder and Co-Kneader

A pin extruder is a type of single-screw extruder that is commonly used in starch processing. There are two designs of this extruder: one has stationary pins and a rotating screw with interruptions of the flights, called the expander, while the other has a rotating and axially oscillating screw, also known as a co-kneader. The […]

Demystifying Single-Screw Extruders: A Fundamental Analysis

Navigating the Basics of Single-Screw Extruders In the realm of industrial processes, single-screw extruders stand as stalwart players, especially when slip at the wall is a non-issue, and high shear is not a prime concern. Delving into their intricacies requires a grasp of their operational mechanisms and modeling intricacies, information readily available in literature sources […]

Navigating the Extruder Landscape: Single-Screw vs. Twin-Screw

In the realm of extruders, a pivotal division emerges between the single-screw and twin-screw varieties, each wielding distinct transport mechanisms. Single-Screw Extruders: Friction at the Helm The single-screw extruder, a stalwart in the extrusion domain, operates with a lone rotating screw snugly fit into its barrel. The transport mechanism hinges on friction between the material […]