Composites Formulations, Processing, Structure, and Final Properties

Starch composites use different types of starch from various sources, including modified starches. Fillers are added to improve properties. These composites can be made on a small or large scale using various methods like casting, melt-mixing, and extrusion. Different techniques can be used to study the microstructure of materials and provide information about the homogeneity […]

Unlocking the Potential of Polymer Composites: A Journey into Advanced Fillers

In the quest for sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics, polymer composites have emerged as a promising solution. Among these, starch-based materials stand out due to their biodegradability, renewable origin, cost-effectiveness, and versatility as thermoplastic polymers. However, their inherent hydrophilic nature poses challenges to achieving optimal mechanical properties and water vapor barrier. Enter the world of […]