Starch Consumption by the Paper Industry

Starch is an important ingredient in making paper. It’s the third most used ingredient by weight after cellulose fiber and mineral pigments. Starch has many uses in papermaking and conversion, including as a bonding agent, flucculant and retention aid, surface size, coating binder, and adhesive. In the US, over 2.5 billion pounds (1.1 million metric tons) of industrial corn starch is consumed for paper and paperboard production, with 40% being chemically modified. Another 750 million pounds are used for corrugated and laminated paper products. Data on starch consumption is mainly sourced from the shipment reports of the Corn Refiners Association.

ApplicationStarch gradeActual use 1995aProjected for 2000a
Wet endbCorn starch309424
Potato starch287349
Size presscUnmodified starch819839
Oxidized starch718703
Hydroxyethylated starch7351034
Cationic starch118137
CoatingcUnmodified starch212203
Oxidized starch5581
Hydroxyethylated starch275340
Corrugating and laminatingdUnmodified starch899
Modified starch134
Table. North American demand for starch in the manufacture of paper products

a Million pounds
b Cationic, anionic or amphoteric
c All corn starch
d 1994 demand, members of CRA only

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