Sri Lanka’s Tapioca Starch Trade: Export and Import Trends

Sri Lanka has emerged as an active participant in the global tapioca starch trade, showcasing both export and import activities. While still relatively moderate in terms of export volumes, Sri Lanka has experienced significant growth in its export markets, notably the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Canada. Simultaneously, the country imports substantial quantities of tapioca starch primarily from Thailand, India, and Indonesia, with growing import volumes observed from India, Indonesia, and Brazil. Sri Lanka’s engagement in the tapioca starch trade reflects its integration into the global market and presents opportunities for further development and expansion.


In 2021, Sri Lanka emerged as a significant exporter of tapioca starch, with exports totaling $132k. This positioned the country as the 38th largest exporter of tapioca starch globally. Among Sri Lanka’s exported goods, tapioca starch ranked as the 1315th most exported product, showcasing its increasing prominence in Sri Lanka’s export landscape.

The primary destinations for Sri Lanka’s tapioca starch exports were the United Arab Emirates, accounting for imports worth $112k, followed by Qatar ($8.54k), Canada ($7.37k), Maldives ($2.28k), and Bahrain ($985). Notably, between 2020 and 2021, the United Arab Emirates experienced substantial growth as an export market, with an increase of $73.3k. Qatar and Canada also demonstrated notable growth, expanding by $4.24k and $3.14k, respectively.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates111,964
EuropeNorth Macedonia330
North AmericaCanada7,368
OceaniaNew Zealand310
Table: Where Does Sri Lanka Export Its Tapioca Starch (2021)


In 2021, Sri Lanka imported $1.14M worth of tapioca starch, establishing itself as the 42nd largest importer of tapioca starch globally. Tapioca starch ranked as the 1527th most imported product in Sri Lanka, indicating significant import volumes. Sri Lanka primarily sourced tapioca starch from Thailand, with imports amounting to $597k. India followed closely with imports valued at $242k, and Indonesia with $237k. Additionally, Sri Lanka imported smaller quantities from Brazil ($22.1k) and Vietnam ($18.9k).

Between 2020 and 2021, Sri Lanka witnessed notable growth in its import markets for tapioca starch. Import volumes from India showed a significant increase of $242k, while imports from Indonesia rose by $133k. Brazil also experienced growth, with imports increasing by $12.2k.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
North AmericaUnited States11,812
South AmericaBrazil22,092
Table: Where Does Sri Lanka Import Its Tapioca Starch (2021)

Importing Tapioca Starch from Vietnam: A Reliable Partnership

Vietnam has emerged as a prominent supplier of tapioca starch to the Sri Lanka market. In 2021, the total value of tapioca starch imports from Vietnam amounted to an impressive $18,881. This significant figure indicates that Vietnam’s tapioca starch holds a strong position in the market and is poised to maintain its presence in Sri Lanka in the years to come. The reasons behind this sustained importation are primarily attributed to the product’s superior quality and competitive pricing.

Sri Lanka benefits from Vietnam’s tapioca starch exports, which provide a dependable supply of this vital ingredient. The substantial import value from Vietnam underscores Sri Lanka’s confidence in Vietnam as a trusted and preferred partner for fulfilling its tapioca starch requirements. With its consistent quality and competitive pricing, Vietnam’s tapioca starch has proven to be a reliable source that meets Sri Lanka’s demand for this essential product.

Source: BACI and General Statistics Office of Vietnam