Peru’s Tapioca Starch Trade: Exports, Imports, and Tariffs Analysis

Peru’s involvement in the tapioca starch market showcased its position as both an exporter and importer of this commodity.

Tapioca Starch Exports from Peru

In 2021, Peru exported tapioca starch valued at $7k, ranking it as the 73rd largest exporter of tapioca starch worldwide. While tapioca starch stood at the 2937th position among Peru’s exported products, the export value highlights Peru’s engagement in the global tapioca starch market.

Czechia emerged as the primary destination for Peru’s tapioca starch exports, accounting for a significant share with an export value of $5.61k. Additionally, Canada, Colombia, Switzerland, and Australia were notable importers, with respective import values of $667, $623, $69, and $28.

Peru experienced substantial growth in its export markets for tapioca starch between 2020 and 2021, driven by increased exports to Czechia, Colombia, and Switzerland. Czechia showcased exceptional growth, contributing to exports valued at $5.61k, while Colombia and Switzerland demonstrated respective export growths of $623 and $42.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
North AmericaCanada667
South AmericaColombia623
Table: Where Does Peru Export Its Tapioca Starch (2021)

Tapioca Starch Imports to Peru

In 2021, Peru imported tapioca starch worth $935k, positioning it as the 47th largest importer of tapioca starch globally. While tapioca starch ranked as the 2314th most imported product in Peru, the import value emphasizes Peru’s reliance on international sources to meet domestic demand.

Peru primarily imports tapioca starch from Paraguay, Nicaragua, Thailand, Brazil, and Ecuador, with respective import values of $455k, $291k, $118k, $57k, and $13.2k. These countries play a crucial role in supplementing Peru’s tapioca starch supply.

Notably, Peru experienced significant import market growth for tapioca starch between 2020 and 2021, driven by increased imports from Paraguay, Nicaragua, and Brazil. Paraguay exhibited remarkable growth, contributing to imports valued at $416k, while Nicaragua and Brazil showcased respective import growths of $246k and $24.5k.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
North AmericaNicaragua290,858
South AmericaBrazil57,046
South AmericaEcuador13,214
South AmericaParaguay455,394
Table: Where Does Peru Import Its Tapioca Starch (2021)

Tapioca Starch Tariffs in Peru

In 2018, Peru’s average tariff for tapioca starch was recorded at 5.62%. Peru maintains moderate tariffs on tapioca starch imports, which supports an open trade environment. Among the countries with the highest import tariffs for tapioca starch in Peru were Angola, Burundi, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Botswana, all imposing a Most Favoured Nation duty rate treatment of 6%.

Importing Tapioca Starch from Vietnam

Vietnam has established itself as an important supplier of tapioca starch to Peru. In 2021, Peru imported tapioca starch from Vietnam valued at $1,300. This substantial import value signifies Vietnam’s strong presence in the market and indicates its potential to maintain a reliable partnership with Peru in the future. The importation is driven by Vietnam’s ability to offer high-quality tapioca starch at competitive prices.

Peru greatly benefits from Vietnam’s tapioca starch exports, as they provide a dependable and consistent supply of this essential ingredient. The significant import value from Vietnam reflects Peru’s confidence in Vietnam as a trusted and preferred partner for meeting its tapioca starch needs. Vietnam’s tapioca starch stands out for its superior quality and competitive pricing, making it a reliable source that effectively fulfills Peru’s demand for this vital product.

Data from BACI and General Statistics Office of Vietnam