Northern Mariana Islands’ Tapioca Starch Trade

The scenic Northern Mariana Islands, located in the western Pacific Ocean, have witnessed a noteworthy import of tapioca starch in recent years.

Import Rankings

In 2021, Northern Mariana Islands imported $3.77k worth of tapioca starch, securing the 125th position among the largest importers of this product globally. Tapioca starch itself was ranked as the 461st most imported product in Northern Mariana Islands during the same year. The primary source of tapioca starch imports for Northern Mariana Islands was Thailand, accounting for the entire import value of $3.77k.

Primary Import Source

Thailand emerges as the sole supplier of tapioca starch to Northern Mariana Islands, playing a crucial role in meeting the territory’s tapioca starch demands. With imports amounting to $3.77k, Thailand stands as Northern Mariana Islands’ primary source for this essential product.

Fastest Growing Import Market

Between 2020 and 2021, Northern Mariana Islands experienced significant growth in its import market for tapioca starch. Thailand played a pivotal role in this expansion, with imports from the country increasing by $1.06k during this period. This growth signifies the rising demand for tapioca starch in Northern Mariana Islands and highlights the strengthening trade relationship with Thailand.

Data from BACI