NguyenStarch Factory 5 Specification

Native Tapioca Starch

Please be advised that there are numerous cassava growing regions in Vietnam, and the price of the product can vary slightly depending on the factory, growing area, and geographical location. It is important to note that each of our factories has its own set of specifications.

The Factory 5-TNT located in Tan Binh, Tay Ninh Province, has its specification as below:

Specification of Factory 5-TNT

I. Physical
AppearanceWhite powder, free from lumps
ColorPale yellow to white
Odor/FlavorPleasant odor of raw cassava/characteristic starchy taste. Fresh, pure neutral taste, not rancid, mouldy
II. Chemical
Moisture content%AOAC 925.10≤13.0
Starch content%AOAC 2016 (920.44)≥85.0
Total ash%AOAC 923.03≤0.20
Sulphur dioxidemg/kgTitrate 100ml of 10% soln with 0.01N I2≤30.0
Crude Fiber%ISO 5498: 1981≤0.20
pH (10% solution)Foodstuffs-EC(P133)5.0-7.0
Viscosity by barbender (6% dry solid)BUBarbender≥ 600
Fineness ( pass seive mesh 100)%Seiving≥ 99
Whiteness%Ket C-130≥ 90
Aflatoxin B1µg/kgTCVN 7596:2007≤2.0
Aflatoxin B1: B2;G1;G2µg/kgTCVN 7596:2007≤4.0
III. Microbiology (46/2007/QĐ-BYT)
Total plate countCFU/gTCVN 4884-1:2015≤ 106
Total mould and yeastCFU/gTCVN 8275-2:2010≤ 103
ColiformsMPN/gTCVN 6848:2007≤ 103
E. coliCFU/gTCVN 7924-2:2008≤ 102
S. aureusCFU/gAOAC 975.55≤ 102
C.perfringensCFU/gTCVN 4991:2005≤ 102
B.cereusCFU/gAOAC 980.31≤ 103
IV. Heavy metal
Lead (Pb)mg/KgAOAC 2015.01≤0.2
Mercury (Hg)mg/KgAOAC 971.21≤ 0.05
Cadmi (Cd)mg/KgAOAC 2015.01≤0.1

Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each shipment is 10,000 kilograms

The approximate lead time for shipment is 10-15 days following receipt of the confirmed order and payment.

T/T and L/C are acceptable payment methods.

HS code is 3505.10.90

Cat Lai Port, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Usually, we furnish the following documents: Packing List, Certificate of Analysis (COA), Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading, Health Certificate, and Certificate of Origin.