Macau’s Tapioca Starch Trade: Analyzing Imports and Market Growth

In 2021, Macau imported tapioca starch worth $82k, positioning the territory as the 91st largest importer of this product globally. Tapioca starch ranked as the 1866th most imported commodity in Macau during the same year. Macau primarily imports tapioca starch from Thailand, with imports amounting to $20k. Additionally, the territory sources significant quantities from the Netherlands ($14.3k), Denmark ($11.4k), Chinese Taipei ($11.3k), and China ($8.36k).

Macau experienced notable growth in its import market for tapioca starch between 2020 and 2021. The Netherlands played a significant role in this growth, contributing $11k to the overall import value. Additionally, Lithuania and Belgium demonstrated promising growth, contributing $1.92k and $1.44k, respectively, during the same period.

Data from BACI