Honduras’ Tapioca Starch Trade: Imports and Exports

Honduras, a Central American nation known for its rich agricultural heritage, has made significant strides in the global tapioca starch market.

Export Trends

In 2021, Honduras exported $828 worth of tapioca starch, securing the 85th position among the largest exporters of this commodity worldwide. Tapioca starch ranked as the 2280th most exported product from Honduras during the same year. The main destination for Honduran tapioca starch exports was El Salvador, accounting for the entirety of the export figures.

El Salvador emerged as the primary market for Honduran tapioca starch, with imports amounting to $828. This bilateral trade highlights the close economic ties between the two neighboring countries, and the demand for Honduran tapioca starch in El Salvador.

Import Trends

In 2021, Honduras imported $116k worth of tapioca starch, positioning itself as the 82nd largest importer of this commodity globally. Tapioca starch ranked as the 2534th most imported product into Honduras during the same year.

Nicaragua served as the primary supplier, accounting for the majority of Honduras’ tapioca starch imports with a value of $102k. Guatemala followed suit, contributing $13.1k to the import market. Additional imports were sourced from Thailand ($731), the United States ($109), and Hong Kong ($21).

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AsiaHong Kong21
North AmericaGuatemala13,064
North AmericaNicaragua102,438
North AmericaUnited States109
Table: Where Does Honduras Import Its Tapioca Starch (2021)

Data from BACI