Curaçao’s Growing Demand for Tapioca Starch: Exploring Import Trends

Curaçao, a vibrant Caribbean island known for its cultural diversity and thriving trade, has witnessed a rising demand for tapioca starch in recent years.

In 2021, Curaçao imported $693 worth of tapioca starch, securing the 141st position among the largest importers of this product globally. Tapioca starch ranked as the 2441st most imported product into Curaçao during the same year. Curaçao primarily sourced tapioca starch from Thailand ($479) and Colombia ($214).

The import figures reflect the increasing demand for tapioca starch in Curaçao, as the country seeks to meet its diverse industrial and consumer needs. Thailand emerged as the primary source of tapioca starch for Curaçao, contributing $479 to the total imports. Colombia also played a significant role in supplying tapioca starch to meet Curaçao’s growing demand, accounting for $214 of the total imports.

Between 2020 and 2021, Curaçao experienced notable growth in its import markets for tapioca starch, led by Thailand and Colombia. Thailand recorded the highest growth, contributing $479 to Curaçao’s import market. This growth can be attributed to the versatility and wide range of applications for tapioca starch, prompting increased demand from various industries.

Colombia also witnessed significant growth as a tapioca starch supplier to Curaçao, with imports totaling $214 in 2021. This growth underscores the expanding trade relationship between Curaçao and Colombia and highlights the competitive pricing and quality of Colombian tapioca starch in meeting Curaçao’s market demands.

Data from BACI