Canada’s Tapioca Starch Trade: Exports and Imports

Canada’s involvement in the tapioca starch trade highlights its position as a significant player in the global market. As a major exporter to the United States and other destinations, Canada demonstrates its ability to meet international demand for tapioca starch.

Canada’s Tapioca Starch Exports

Canada’s exports of tapioca starch in 2021 amounted to $516k, positioning it as the 24th largest exporter of this commodity worldwide. While tapioca starch ranked as the 3188th most exported product from Canada, its export figures underscore Canada’s active participation in the global market.

The primary destinations for Canada’s tapioca starch exports were the United States, Australia, Poland, the Philippines, and Bermuda. Notably, the United States accounted for the majority of Canada’s exports, with a value of $515k. Australia, Poland, the Philippines, and Bermuda also contributed to Canada’s export market, albeit to a lesser extent.

Canada experienced notable growth in its export markets for tapioca starch between 2020 and 2021, primarily driven by increased exports to the United States, Australia, and Poland. The United States witnessed a substantial increase of $404k, while Australia and Poland experienced growth of $1.2k and $366, respectively.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
North AmericaBermuda9
North AmericaUnited States514,584
Table: Where Does Canada Export Its Tapioca Starch (2021)

Canada’s Tapioca Starch Imports

In 2021, Canada imported a significant quantity of tapioca starch, amounting to $9.85M. This import figure secured Canada’s position as the 12th largest importer of tapioca starch globally. Although tapioca starch ranked as the 2589th most imported product in Canada, its import value demonstrates the nation’s reliance on international sources to meet domestic demand.

Thailand emerged as the primary source of tapioca starch imports for Canada, contributing imports valued at $6.04M. The United States, Brazil, Paraguay, and Chinese Taipei also played crucial roles in Canada’s tapioca starch imports, with respective import values of $2.17M, $431k, $399k, and $234k.

Canada witnessed substantial growth in its import markets for tapioca starch between 2020 and 2021, with notable increases from the United States, Brazil, and Paraguay. The United States displayed remarkable growth, contributing imports valued at $1.65M, while Brazil and Paraguay contributed import increases of $382k and $357k, respectively.

ContinentCountryTrade Value
AfricaCote d’Ivoire92,691
AfricaDemocratic Republic of the Congo766
AsiaHong Kong1,541
AsiaSouth Korea28
AsiaSri Lanka7,368
AsiaChinese Taipei233,853
North AmericaHaiti7,828
North AmericaJamaica2,221
North AmericaMexico531
North AmericaNicaragua40,695
North AmericaUnited States2,169,462
South AmericaBrazil430,520
South AmericaColombia16,727
South AmericaEcuador148
South AmericaPeru667
South AmericaParaguay398,997
Table: Where Does Canada Import Its Tapioca Starch (2021)

Importing Tapioca Starch from Vietnam

Vietnam has emerged as a leading supplier of tapioca starch to the Canadian market. In 2021, the total value of tapioca starch imports from Vietnam reached an impressive $115,788, highlighting Vietnam’s strong position and its potential to maintain its presence in Canada in the future. The sustained importation is primarily due to the superior quality and competitive pricing of Vietnam’s tapioca starch.

Canada benefits from Vietnam’s tapioca starch exports, which provide a dependable and consistent supply of this essential ingredient. The significant import value reflects Canada’s confidence in Vietnam as a trusted and preferred partner for meeting its tapioca starch requirements. Vietnam’s tapioca starch consistently meets Canada’s demand due to its reliable quality and competitive pricing, making it a reliable source for this essential product.

Source: BACI and General Statistics Office of Vietnam