Akatsi South Municipal Assembly Urges Farmers to Report Cassava Disease Outbreak

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture’s Department of Agriculture, operating under the Akatsi South Municipal Assembly, has issued a call to farmers in the region to promptly report any instances of suspected rotten cassava roots on their farms. The Municipality has recently experienced an outbreak of a suspected viral disease known as ‘Cassava Brown Streak Disease’.

The Akatsi South Municipal Director of Agriculture, Mr. Charles Grunitzky, informed the Ghana News Agency that the area has already recorded five suspected cases of the disease, resulting in the destruction of approximately nine acres of cassava farms.

“To prevent any further spread, farmers and the public are advised to immediately report any such cases to the Department for prompt action,” stated Mr. Grunitzky. He further outlined the urgent measures being taken, such as employing clean planting materials and implementing farm hygiene practices to combat weeds, insects, and white flies in order to mitigate the situation.

Efforts are underway to welcome officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, who will assess the extent of the outbreak. Additionally, the Directorate has provided a mobile phone number, 0240059003, for residents and farmers in the area to report any suspected cases, urging them to promptly reach out for assistance.

The Akatsi South Municipal Assembly remains committed to collaborating with farmers and the public to contain the Cassava Brown Streak Disease outbreak and safeguard the local cassava farming industry.