Influence of Plasticizers on Melting Behavior of Starch

Wojtowicz conducted a study on the effects of plasticizers on starch, specifically the addition of water in amounts from 5 to 20%. Results showed that almost every recorded parameter during treatment in the Brabender Mixograph was affected by water addition. In mixtures of starch/glycerol/water, decreasing start melting temperatures were observed, ranging from 80°C for samples […]

The Melting Process in Thermoplastic Starches

The heating-shearing behavior of potato starch/glycerol mixtures with limited water addition (below 30%) was investigated by Wojtowicz and van der Goot and by Wojtowicz (paper in print). The goal of the treatment was to use Brabender Mixograph simulating mixing-kneading and a specially designed shearing device-shear cell to obtain a starchy molten phase under well-defined thermomechanical […]